“Organisations don’t change, people do.”

Change Management is a technique for successfully managing your people through periods of organisational transformation. The goal of a change management program is to ensure staff feel involved, enthusiastic and supportive of new systems of work designed to improve the organisation’s performance.

When an organisation decides to make changes to the way it operates — be it implementing a new procedure, introducing new technology or undergoing an organisational re-structure — staff support will inevitably dictate whether or not these initiatives are successful. A proven method of managing the people-side of change is critical to any initiatives success.

Such a method involves clear processes, precision tools and skilful techniques that ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

At Whoosh, we follow an industry standard approach to implementing change:

  1. Prepare for change (we create, assess and develop a feasible change strategy)
  2. Manage the change (we detail the change plan and manage its implementation)
  3. Reinforce the change (we gather data, recognise any issues and take corrective actions)

A formal change management program enables an organisation to minimise the possible downside to change. Examples include the loss of valuable employees, negative impacts on productivity/motivation and insulates your customers from unforeseen outcomes.

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