“There are 3 specific activities that make it 67% more likely to achieve your goals: 1. Writing down your goals 2. Accountability 3. Commitment” Gail Matthews, Harvard

Whoosh executive coaching uses a range of skills and techniques, customised to the needs of the individual, to help clients shift their perspectives and thereby discover different approaches to achieve their goals

“As CEO of a small but growing, not-for-profit medical college, I was in need of some expert mentoring. Whoosh was recommended. I spent a number of sessions with Leharna and found her knowledgeable and, more importantly, able to pass on knowledge in a creative way. Whoosh was able to assist me in implementing new policies and procedures, showing good insight into the workings of the organisation.

Leharna also spent some time as an advisor to the college’s board of directors and was able to quickly demonstrate where the directors were not operating effectively and to suggest excellent strategies for improvement.”
Dan Spijer, CEO, Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

“Whoosh played a major role in building a strong and authentic culture that was focused on achievements and accountability. Exercising strong and collaborative leadership, Whoosh ensured we had the capability, systems, knowledge and resources to steer continuous performance improvement .

Whoosh exhibited a dynamic and energetic approach to people coaching. They were pragmatic and focused on delivering high quality strategic outcomes.”
Alan Youhana, Manager, Department of Innovation, Industry and Development Victoria

“Whoosh was engaged as a mentor for me for 12 months through my board. The whole experience was fantastic and enabled me to take a considerable professional journey over the time. Whoosh has an excellent understanding of what mentoring means – listening, offering ideas, and knowing when to push me, to test my assumptions about things. They were also able to facilitate practical exercises, such as videoing a role play and providing technical resources. I would recommend Whoosh coaching to anyone looking to improve their professional performance.”
Fiona Maxwell, CEO, Brisbane Powerhouse

The primary goal of any business coaching relationship is to assist each client to achieve their business goals. This can vary from personal working style to supporting an individual to achieved agreed business performance targets.

Each coaching relationship is unique and each plan is designed to meet the expectations of the organisation as well as the individual. Coaching is delivered confidentially backed up with high level organisational reporting where desired.

Participant feedback shows they achieve greater confidence in themselves with an improvement in self-awareness, listening, influencing and communication skills — all of which enables them to manage conflict more effectively, it also works to reduces their stress and improves their working relationships. Why Whoosh Consulting? We have the experience and insight attained over 30 years of working with businesses, that has been proven to deliver measurable benefits to the individuals and the organisations they serve.

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