Change Management


“Organisations don’t change, people do.” Change Management is a technique for successfully managing your people through periods of organisational transformation. The goal of a change management program is to ensure staff feel involved, enthusiastic and supportive of new systems of work designed to improve the organisation’s performance. When an organisation decides to make [...]

Project Delivery


“Behind every successful project is consistent planning and effective management oversight.” Whoosh Consulting takes a slightly different approach to project delivery. With over 30 years experience in delivering projects to business and government, we have learnt that while project delivery methodologies (PMBOK, Prince2, Agile, Six Sigma) provide a useful framework for managing project delivery; [...]

Business Improvement


“Within every prosperous small business is a well structured process that enables advancement and adaptation.” Whoosh takes a systematic approach to business improvement, enabling organisations to reduce costs, address inefficiencies and eliminate redundant activity. The outcome is always optimal performance in staff, systems and processes. Typical results show a reduction in cycle times [...]

Business Strategy


“Behind every successful business story is an effective strategy for achieving that success.” This is a carefully considered plan of action that defines a set of goals that, when properly communicated and adopted, creates the foundation for good decision making on how to allocate (or not allocate) and prioritise (or not prioritise) resources. With [...]

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